Work Samples

pic1The following documents are examples of Jonathan’s digital script supervisor notes and logs. At camera wrap, these reports can be given to production through email or a flash drive. The samples provided are excerpts from the feature film The Guide, 2012.


Color Coded Lined Script

{Green are Wide Shots, Red are Medium Shots, & Blue are Close Ups}

The Guide Lined Script Sample

Editor’s Log

{Circle takes are compiled into logs in script order.}

The Guide Edit Log Sample

Daily Production Report

{At the end of each shooting day, a progress report  is submitted to production.}

The Guide Daily Report Day 02 Sample

One Line

{At the start of production, complete continuity breakdowns with pre-timings are created.}

The Guide One Line Sample

Additional Documents

Color Coded Script: Once the script is received, it is broken down to identify all details and items that pertain to the continuity of the film.  This information is used to catch potential continuity issues before shooting begins.

Visual Edit Log: Along with the lined script, a visual edit log may be created in place of text-only version.  Direct image capture allows the editor to have a visual reference of each shot.

Additional samples are available upon request.