“Jonathan’s presence by my side was simply invaluable.  He was the one person I could turn to in the midst of the controlled chaos of shooting a $100k feature in 12 days to always obtain calm and cool counsel on coverage and continuity.  I knew he absolutely wanted above all else for me to achieve my vision for the film and within a day became my most trusted collaborator after my DP!  I will never step foot on set again without him by my side.  No joke.”Producer/ Director of The Guide

“As a director, it is important to have a script supervisor who you can trust and turn to throughout the production process.  Jonathan was there 100% of the time, and I never had to worry about his job not being done.  I would recommend him to anyone; he was the perfect addition to our set.” - Director Arielle Guadagni of Silent Dinner Productions (Busted Balls)

“Jonathan is a well prepared and knowledgeable Script Supervisor. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Jonathan on a number of projects and we’re very pleased with his level of work and professionalism. McElroy Films highly recommends Jonathan to any production that could use his services. Great job!” – Producer/ Director of Behind the Mask

“Jonathan easily rises above the pack of people with typical production experience. He’s tireless, professional, and extremely good at the position of script supervising.” - Producer Tommy Whalen of  Silent Dinner Productions (Busted Balls)

“I am amazed at Jonathan’s ability to adapt to constant changes on set, whilst somehow finding time to keep a record of every minor detail, timecode, take information, and even those little mental notes that I probably mumbled under my breath. His attention to detail is impeccable, and his ability to communicate quickly and efficiently with myself and the crew was exactly what we needed for our fast-paced environment.  His passion and enthusiasm have truly brought the film to new levels.” - Director Robert Bartolome of RAB Studios (Workaholics Anonymous)

“He came into the project with preparation that is rarely equaled by workers in any department. He gave detailed notes and was always paying close attention to everything in the scene.  Continuity is very good throughout the short film.” - Director Stephen Troy of RotN Production (Liz)

“Jonathan worked efficiently and meticulously; his notes really helped me streamline the editing process.  I can always count on Jonathan to keep up his high level of script supervision and undoubtedly set up the editor for great success.” - Editor Evan T. Perry (Liz & On Love and it’s Consequences)

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